How Do You Convert Measurements in Feet to Meters?


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To convert measurement in feet to meters multiply the measurement in feet by the conversion ratio of 0.3048. To ensure that your calculations are correct, use a calculator. While both feet and meters are used to measure distance, they are from different measuring systems and do not share a conversion factor that is easy to remember.

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  1. Take the measurement in feet

    Take the measurement of the object or distance under consideration in feet, if the figure is not already known. If this measurement includes feet and inches, keep this unit in feet only by using a decimal space. For example, 2 feet and 3 inches equals 2.25 feet.

  2. Multiply the measurement by the conversion ratio

    Multiply the measurement in feet by the conversion ratio of 0.3048. When you are writing this out, keep meters in the numerator and feet in the denominator, so that the feet units will cancel each other out. Then use the calculator to make the calculation.

  3. Record the answer

    Record the answer from your calculation. This is the converted amount in meters. Your calculation should look something like this: 2.25 feet times 0.3048 = 0.686 meter.

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