How Do You Convert a Linear Foot to a Square Foot?


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You cannot convert a linear foot to a square foot because they do not measure the same things. However, if a linear foot is the length of one side of a square, multiplying the length by the width of the square equals one square foot.

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A linear foot describes the distance of 12 inches across a straight line, but a square foot describes a 144-square inch area of space.

By utilizing the mathematical formula, A = L x W, one can calculate the area of a square or rectangle. "A" stands for area, "L" stands for length, "x" stands for multiply, and "W" stands for width. The units of measure, such as centimeters or inches, for L and W should be the same. When you multiply the length and width together, the original unit of measure changes to square units of measure, such as centimeters into square centimeters.

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