How Do You Convert Kilowatts to Amps?

Converting kilowatts to amps first requires knowledge of the current type, whether it is DC, AC single phase or AC three phase, as each calculation differs. Additionally, the voltage in volts must also be known for all three calculations.

For DC kilowatt to amp conversions, multiply 1,000 by the power in kilowatts and then divide by the volts to arrive at the amps. For single phase AC kilowatts, multiply the power in kilowatts times 1,000 then divide that number by the volts multiplied by the power factor. Finally, for three phase AC kilowatts with line to line voltage, multiply 1,000 times the kilowatts, and then divide that number by the square root of 3 multiplied by the power factor times the line-to-line RMS voltage.