How Do You Convert Inches to Decimal Equivalents?


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One inch is equal to about 2.54 centimeters, so in order to convert to centimeters, multiply an inch measurement by 2.54 centimeters. Metric measurements, using meters and derivatives of meters, are decimal-based measurements.

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How Do You Convert Inches to Decimal Equivalents?
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There are 100 centimeters to a meter, so multiplying an inch measurement by 0.0254 results in the meter equivalent. For a millimeter measurement, multiply the inch measurement by 25.4.

The same conversion can be done in reverse as well. One centimeter is equivalent to about 0.3937inches, so to convert centimeters to inches, multiply a centimeter measurement by 0.3937. There are 10 millimeters per centimeter, so multiplying millimeter measurements by 0.03937 results in the inch equivalent.

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