How Do You Convert Gauss to Tesla?


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Since one gauss is equivalent to 0.0001 tesla, multiplying the gauss value by 0.0001 should convert the value tesla units. Conversely, one tesla is equivalent to 10,000 gauss, which means that multiplying the tesla value should convert the value in gauss units. Both gauss and tesla are the International System of Units units for expressing the amount of magnetic flux density, which is the amount of flux that crosses a unit area perpendicularly in a magnetic field.

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The unit of magnetic flux is called a Weber, named after a famous German scientist. This should not be confused with the unit of flux density, which is expressed in tesla units. One tesla is may also be expressed in Weber per meter square. The term tesla was taken from the name of the famous Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla. Magnetic flux values are usually expressed as ψ, while magnetic flux densities as B. Flux density is therefore B = ψ/A, with A being the area measured between perpendicular lines.

Gauss on the other hand is a smaller unit of flux density or magnetic induction named after German mathematician and physicist Carl Friedrich Gauss. Also known as the cgs unit of measurement, the gauss is defined as one maxwell per centimeter.

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