How Do You Convert 95 Pounds to Kilograms?


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Converting pounds to kilograms is dependent on the fact that each pound is made up of .454 kilograms. With this conversion rate, 95 pounds equals 43 kilograms.

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Pounds are commonly used in the United States to measure the weight of items, animals or humans. Kilograms are commonly used in other countries that have adopted the metric system. Both are the most common units of weight measurement for larger items that cannot be measured in grams or ounces. Since the 18th century, the U.S. Congress and government have been working to convert the country to the metric system. It is the most commonly used system of measurement in the world and the U.S. is chief among the only countries that do not use it. Congress has tried several times to officially make the metric system the norm for the U.S., but many people in the country are opposed to it. This opposition has made it difficult for lawmakers to officially change it and force everyone to use it. Businesses and individuals alike are permitted to use either the metric or the traditional American system of measurement, but most people choose to use the traditional system instead of switching all measurements to the metric system.

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