How Do You Convert 90 Kilograms to Pounds?


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Once you know the metric equivalent, unit conversion problems can be solved in one to two minutes using a calculator or by hand with pencil and paper.

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  1. Write the known information

    Organize the problem by multiplying the given information by the conversion factor. There are 2.2046 pounds for every one kilogram. It should look like this: 90 kilograms x 2.2046 pounds/1 kilogram.

  2. Cancel the kilograms

    Eliminate kilograms from the problem to ensure only pounds are left in the final answer. It should look like this: 90 x 2.2046 pounds/1.

  3. Do the math

    Multiply 90 x 2.2046 pounds to find the solution. Be sure to include the unit, pounds, with the answer.

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