How Do You Convert 74 Kg to Lbs?

Converting kilograms to pounds can be done with the conversion factor of 2.2046 pounds per kilogram. Multiply the known information by the appropriate conversion factor, cancel the old units and solve the math. The process should take around one to two minutes, and you only need a pen and paper or calculator.

  1. Write the information as multiplication problem

    Organize the problem by writing all of the information as a conversion equation. Start with the given information, 74 kilograms, and multiply that by the conversion factor of 2.2046 pounds per kilogram. It should look like this: 74 kilograms x 2.2046 pounds/1 kilogram.

  2. Cancel the kilograms

    Next, you must eliminate kilograms from the equation to ensure you are left with only pounds in the final answer. After doing so, the problem will look like this: 74 x 2.2046 pounds/1.

  3. Solve for the answer

    In the final step, simply do the math. Multiply 74 x 2.2046 to find the correct answer. Be sure to include the unit designator, pounds, with the answer.