How Do You Convert 52 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

How Do You Convert 52 Fahrenheit to Celsius?

The formula for converting from Fahrenheit to Celsiuis is Tc = (5/9) x (Tf - 32), where Tc is equal to degrees Celsius and Tf is equal to degrees Fahrenheit. You can essentially ignore the units throughout this problem until the end, because the units are only converted through a numerical transition rather than through cancellation, as they are with other unit conversion problems.

  1. Insert degrees Fahrenheit

    After writing out the basic formula, insert the information you know into the problem. In this case, you were given degrees Fahrenheit. Put this in its appropriate place in the problem, and it will look like this: Tc = (5/9) x (52 - 32).

  2. Subtract 32 from 52

    This step calls for basic subtraction. Take 32 away from 52 to arrive at 20. Your problem should now look like this: Tc = (5/9) x 20.

  3. Multiply 20 by 5/9

    The last step requires you to multiply 20 by 5/9. Your final answer will look something like this: Tc = (5/9) x 20 = 11.11, or Tc = 11.11 C. Since the given number contained only two significant figures (52), you can write your answer as 11 C and ignore the decimal places unless further accuracy is demanded of you.