How Do You Convert 500 Kph to Mph?

Converting from kilometers per hour to miles per hour is a simple unit conversion problem. You can solve for any given numbers once you know the conversion factor: 1.61 kilometers for every 1 mile.

  1. Write your information

    Take your given information and lay it out like an equation. It should look like this: 500 kph x mph = ?

  2. Insert the conversion factor

    You now know that 1 mph is equal to 1.61 kph. In other words, 1 mph = 1 mph/1.61 kph. In your equation, swap mph for the conversion factor. Your equation should look like this: 500 kph x 1 mph/1.61 kph = ?

  3. Cancel the kilometers per hour

    When multiplying fractions, you can now cancel out common factors in the numerators and denominators. The only common factor is the kph unit. Cancel these out. Your equation should look like this: 500 x 1mph/1.61 = ?

  4. Solve

    Finally, solve the equation. Divide 500 by 1.61 to get your answer. Be sure to carry over the corresponding unit, mph, to your new answer: 310.6 mph.