How Do You Convert 48 Celsius to Fahrenheit?


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To convert 48 degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit, multiply 48 by the fraction 9/5, and then add 32. The answer is 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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  1. Multiply 48 by 9/5

    Multiply the Celsius value by 9/5. The fraction 9/5 is equal to 1.8 when written in decimal form. When 48 is multiplied by 1.8, the answer is 86.4.

  2. Add 32 to 86.4

    Add the result from step one to 32. The answer 86.4 plus 32 equals 118.4.

  3. Write the units after the result

    Specify the units after the result of the formula. In this problem, 48 degrees Celsius is equal to 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit.

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