How Do You Convert 41 Kilograms to Pounds?

Converting kilograms to pounds is as simple as knowing the conversion factor between pounds and kilograms. In this instance, the conversion factor is 2.2046 kilograms for every 1 pound, or 0.454 pound for every 1 kilogram.

  1. Multiply the given number by the conversion factor

    Set up your problem by multiplying your given information, 41 kilograms, by the conversion factor written as a fraction. It should look like this: 41 kilograms x 1 pound/2.2046 kilograms.

  2. Cancel the common factors

    The common factor in this case is the kilograms. You can cancel out the unit because on one side of the problem, the kilograms are the numerator, and on the other side, they are the denominator. If they were both the numerator, you wouldn't be able to cancel and would instead end up with kilograms squared. After performing this step, your equation should look like this: 41 x 1 pound/2.2046

  3. Solve the equation

    Simply do the math and solve for pounds. Be sure to carry over the unit designator with your answer to receive full credit if you are doing this for homework or a test. Divide 41 by 2.2046 or multiply it by 0.454. In either case, you will arrive at the same result: 18.6 pounds.