How Do You Convert 40 Celsius to Fahrenheit?


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Temperature is typically represented as a numerical value that is based either on the Fahrenheit scale or the Celsius scale of temperature measurement. Both scales measure temperature in incremental units called degrees but do not share the same numerical values when measuring and describing the exact same temperature. Converting temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit can be done with only a basic understanding of arithmetic principles.

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  1. Multiply temperature measured in degrees Celsius by 1.8

    Using simple a mathematical procedure, multiply the amount of degrees Celsius times 1.8 and record the number generated as product of this computation. This can be represented as: ºC x 1.8 = (product).

  2. Add 32 to the product

    Take the product, or number calculated by using the process outlined in Step 1, and add the number 32 to it. The sum of these two numbers is the equivalent temperature on the Fahrenheit scale, also measured in degrees. This can be represented as: (product from Step 1) + 32 = ºF.

  3. Combine steps

    To ease the process of converting Celsius to Fahrenheit, just plug the number of degrees measured in Celsius into the formula below and calculate using the standard order of operations. (ºC x 1.8 ) + 32 = ºF

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