How Do You Convert 3m to 3cm?


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Easily convert cubic meters to cubic centimeters by applying the conversion factor of one meter being equal to 100 centimeters three times. Although this process may be carried out in a single step, performing this task in individual steps may lessen the chance of error.

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  1. Write down the number of cubic meters

    Write down the number that you want to convert from cubic meters to cubic centimeters. Determine the number of significant figures that you want to use, starting with this number. Keep the number of significant figures consistent throughout your calculations.

  2. Write down the conversion factor three times

    Write the conversion factor of 100 centimeters divided by one meter (100 cm/1 m) three times. Meters is in the denominator because the starting figure is in meters. Dividing a number by its units will remove the units.

  3. Calculate the result

    Multiply the figure in meters by 100 three times to get your answer. You may need a calculator for this. Check your work to ensure that your setup was correct before making the calculations. For example, 10 cubic meters multiplied by 100 three times is 10,000,000 cubic centimeters when the meters unit is removed from the equation.

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