How Do You Convert 27 Centimeters to Inches?


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In the process of converting centimeters to inches, you must first multiply 0.3937 by the centimeter value. Then, round the answer to the nearest hundredth decimal place, and finish by labeling your answer.

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  1. Multiply by 0.3937

    The first step in converting 27 centimeters to inches is to multiply 27 by 0.3937. The answer is 10.6299.

  2. Round the answer

    Next, round the answer from step one to the nearest hundredth decimal place. The hundredth place is two places to the right of the decimal point. Rounding allows the answer to be more readable, even though it is less precise. The rounded answer is 10.63.

  3. Label the answer

    Labeling the answer finalizes the conversion. The complete final answer is 27 centimeters equals 10.63 inches.

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