How Do You Convert 250 Kmh to Mph?


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Speed is measured in many different ways, and the most common are kilometers per hour and miles per hour. An object moving at 250 mph travels much faster than an object traveling 250 kph.

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  1. Understand the conversion table

    The first step in converting kph into mph is to understand the conversion table. This means you must know how the value of mph compares to 1 kph. Each kilometer is equal to 0.62137 miles, so every kilometer per hour is also equal to 0.62137 miles per hour.

  2. Multiply kph by 0.62137

    The next step is to convert the number of kph into the mph you wish to know. In this case, your speed is 250 kph, and you need to multiply that number by 0.62137. The result is 155.3425 mph. This result means that 250 kph is equal to 155.3425 mph.

  3. Check your math

    Check your math to verify that the equation converted the figures properly. To do this, divide the result, 155.3425 mph, by the conversion factor of 0.62137. This calculation will result in 250, which is the same number of kph you started with. This technique is a good way to check to see if your math was done correctly and that you achieved the right answer.

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