How Do You Convert 215 Pounds to Kilograms?

Converting 215 pounds to kilograms involves finding the conversion factor of 0.45 kg per pound and using this to create the appropriate equation: (215 pounds)(0.45 kilograms/pound) = x kilograms. Solve this equation to prove that 215 pounds equals 96.75 kilograms.

  1. Find the conversion factor between pounds and kilograms

    Find the number of kilograms (kg) that is equal to 1 pound, also called the conversion factor. Divide 1 kg by its equivalent of 2.2 pounds to find that 1 pound equals roughly 0.45 kg. The conversion factor is therefore 0.45 kg per pound.

  2. Create an equation using the conversion factor

    Use the conversion factor to create an equation that will give you the number of kilograms in 215 pounds. This equation is: (215 pounds) multiplied by (0.45 kilogram per pound) = x kilograms.

  3. Solve the equation

    To solve your equation, multiply 215 pounds by 0.45 kg per pound. The answer is 96.75 kg. Therefore, 215 pounds is equal to 96.75 kg.