How Do You Convert 170 Degrees Celsius to Fahrenheit?


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Converting degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit involves a few simple calculations and uses the following formula: degrees Celsius x 9/5 + 32 = degrees Fahrenheit.

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  1. Multiply the degrees Celsius by nine

    Take the degrees in Celsius to be converted and multiply by nine. In this example: 170 x 9 = 1530.

  2. Divide the product by five

    Take the result from the first step and divide by five. In this case: 1530/5 = 306.

  3. Add 32

    Add 32 to the quotient to get the final answer. Continuing with this example: 306 + 32 = 338. Thus, 170 degrees Celsius is equal to 338 degrees Fahrenheit.

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