How Do You Convert 1630 Military Time to Civilian Time?

Converting 1630 in military time to civilian or standard time is 4:30 P.M. Time conversion is based on the principle of using all 24 hours as they occur throughout the day in order to prevent confusion and avoiding using additional information such as A.M. and P.M.

  1. Evaluate what the military time is

    If the military time is presented as less than 1200, so 0000 - 1159, then it is corresponding to the A.M. or morning hours.

  2. Consider the middle hour

    From the military time of 1200-1259 is the noon hour. There is really no conversion necessary for this time.

  3. Measuring time if it's 1300 or after

    If the time you are converting is 1300 or later, the easiest way to convert is simply to subtract 12. By subtracting the morning hours, you can calculate the time that has passed since the noon hour.