How Do You Convert 157 Cm to Inches?

How Do You Convert 157 Cm to Inches?

How Do You Convert 157 Cm to Inches?

To convert from centimeters to inches, you must know the conversion factor between the two units and how to solve basic unit conversion problems. In this case, the factor is 2.54 centimeters per inch, or 0.39 inches per centimeter. Either one can be used to arrive at the same approximate answer.

  1. Set up the problem

    Write out the information as a multiplication problem. Start with the given information you are converting from on the left and multiply it by the conversion factor. Make sure the unit you are converting to is in the numerator of the fraction. It looks like this: 157 cm x 0.1 in/2.54 cm.

  2. Cancel the units

    Since the centimeters unit appears in the numerator on the left side and the denominator on the right, you can cancel them out, which leaves you with only inches. The problem now looks like this: 157 x 1 in/2.54.

  3. Solve

    Simply divide 157 by 2.54 to arrive at the answer. Make sure to include the unit, inches, with your answer.