How to Convert 15 Degrees to Radians?

How to Convert 15 Degrees to Radians?

To convert degrees to radians, simply multiply the number of degrees by π /180°. Though pi can be converted into its decimal approximation 3.14, it is generally acceptable to leave it as "pi" without converting to decimal.

  1. Understand the conversion ratio

    In a circle, 360 degrees is equal to 2(pi) radians. Therefore, 180 degrees is equal to pi radians, or approximately 3.14 radians.

  2. Divide the degrees by 180

    Using the ratio from step one, divide 15 degrees by 180. This simplifies to one over 12 or one-twelfth.

  3. Multiply by pi

    Take the result from the previous step and multiply by pi to get the answer in radians. In this example: one-twelfth times pi is equal to pi over 12. Therefore, 15 degrees is equal to pi over 12 radians.

  4. Convert pi to 3.14 and solve

    Though this step is not always required, pi can be approximated to 3.14 for further calculation. Here, pi over 12 is the same as 3.14 over 12, which is approximately 0.262 radians.