How Do You Convert 143 Pounds to Kilograms?


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Converting pounds to kilograms and back again is easy if you know the conversion rate. You can convert units using a calculator or with a quick mental estimate, depending on how precise you need to be.

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  1. Know the conversion rate

    Pounds and kilograms are both units used to describe the weight of an object, even though kilograms technically describes the mass, and pounds usually describe the force. One pound is approximately 453.6 grams or 0.4536 kilograms. Another way of thinking about it is that 1 pound is the same as 1/2.2046 kilograms.

  2. Multiply by the rate

    To convert units, you must cancel out the unit you don't want. To change 1 pound to a certain number of kilograms, multiply by the conversion fraction that divides kilograms by pounds. The fraction 0.4536 kilogram/1 pound expresses that there are 0.4536 kilograms in every 1 pound. In the expression 1pound x 0.4536kg/1 pound, the pounds cancel each other, and only the kilograms remain: 143 pounds x 0.4536 kilogram/1 pound = 64.8648 kilograms.

  3. Check your answer

    Make sure the result of your calculation makes sense. The number for a weight expressed in kilograms should be a little less than half of that of the weight expressed in pounds. For example, 64.8648 is less than half of 143.

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