How Do You Convert 110 Degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius?


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Converting from degrees Fahrenheit to degrees Celsius is a little bit trickier than most conversion problems but it still applies the same principles. As long as you know what the conversion factor is and how to set the problem up, you can easily solve any of these problems with some practice.

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  1. Write the problem as an algebraic expression

    The algebraic expression for finding degrees Celsius from degrees Fahrenheit looks like this, where Tc is equal to degrees Celsius and Tf is equal to degrees Fahrenheit: Tc = (Tf - 32) x (5/9)

  2. Enter known values

    Insert your known information, in this case the degrees Fahrenheit, into the equation, like so: Tc = (110°F - 32) x (5/9).

  3. Solve

    Applying the correct order of operations rules, solve the problem. First, subtract 32 from 110. Then multiply the result by 5/9. It will look like this: 110-32 = 78. 78 x (5/9) = 43.3 °C. Don't forget to include the degrees in your answer.

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