How Do You Convert 1 Liter to Ounces?

convert-1-liter-ounces Credit: SambaPhoto/Eduardo Barcellos/SambaPhoto/Getty Images

Converting liters to fluid ounces is a simple process. Multiply the liters value by 33.814. Next, round the answer to the nearest hundredth decimal place and label the final answer.

  1. Multiply by 33.814

    The first step in converting 1 liter to ounces is to multiply by 33.814. The answer is 33.814.

  2. Round the answer

    Round the answer to the nearest hundredth decimal place. Rounding makes the answer easier to read, but it also makes the answer less precise. The rounded answer is 33.81.

  3. Label the answer

    Labeling the answer finalizes the conversion process. Here, the final answer is 33.81 ounces.