How Do You Convert 1,200 Kg to Lbs?

How Do You Convert 1,200 Kg to Lbs?

Converting kilograms into pounds can be solved once you know the conversion factor. For every kilogram, there are approximately 2.2 pounds. From there, it is a simple conversion equation solved with a calculator or by hand.

  1. Write out the known quantities

    Begin with the given information on the left side of the equation: 1200 kg.

  2. Multiply by pounds over kilograms

    After writing the known information, simply write out the rest of the equation as so: 1200 kg x 2.2 lbs/1kg.

  3. Cancel the kilograms

    It should be understood that the beginning 1200 kg can also be written as 1200kg/1, making the 1200 kg the numerator in a fraction. On the other side of the equation, kilograms are the denominator. According to the multiplication rule of fractions, these quantities can be cancelled out. One kilogram goes into 1200 kilograms 1200 times, so the number stays the same and only the units are cancelled out. That leaves you with an equation that looks like this: 1200 x 2.2lbs = ?

  4. Solve

    Now simply multiply the two numbers together, ensuring you leave the proper unit with the answer. 1200 x 2.2 lbs = 2640 lbs.