What Is the Conversion for 360 Kilometers Per Hour to Miles Per Hour?

To convert 360 kilometers per hour in miles per hour, the step required is to divide 360 by 1.61 with the divisor being the equivalent number of kilometers per one mile. Thus, 360 kilometers per hour is equivalent to 223.6 miles per hour.

Kilometers per hour, or kph, is a unit for measuring speed representing the number of kilometers a moving body can travel in one hour. This unit of measurement may also be expressed as km/hr, but kph is the most commonly used expression in most English speaking countries. The expression "kph" is used on road signs and car speedometers in most English-speaking countries.

The United States has its own system of measurements called U.S. customary units or English units, which uses the units inch, foot, yard and mile when referring to length or distance. While similar to the imperial system of units still being used in the United Kingdom, the U.S. customary units is different as it uses an older definition of these units.

A mile in U.S. customary units is exactly equivalent to 1.60934 kilometers. However, U.S. customary units can also defined via U.S. survey measure. Although the relationships between the units are the same, the U.S. survey measure has a very slight different measurement equivalent in SI. For example a mile in U.S. survey unit will be equivalent to exactly 1.609347 kilometers. The U.S survey measure is only used for surveying purposes