What Does Conduction Have to Do With the Weather?

Conduction, along with radiation and convection, are the causes for changes in the temperature, which also causes the change in the weather. Conduction plays a very small role in weather as the process is mostly reliant on convection, which explains the movement of warm air and how it rises.

Conduction is the process where heat is transferred directly through a form of matter. Heat is always moved from the warmer substance to the cooler substance until the temperatures of both substances are the same. In weather, when two masses of air of different temperatures come into contact with each other, conduction does not occur, but convection does. In this instance, the hot air does not move towards the cool air to change its temperature, but instead the mass of hot air begins to rise above the cool air and the cool air is moved downward. This convection-based air movement, caused by warm air being denser than cool air, leads to hurricanes, thunderstorms and various other weather conditions.

Although conduction does not play a major role in the creation of weather, it does lead to weather-based situations. Conduction happens in weather-based conditions that are closer to the ground, such as a person experiencing frostbite or wind chill while in an extremely cold environment.