What Are Some Commonly Used Meade Replacement Parts?

What Are Some Commonly Used Meade Replacement Parts?

Gearbox assemblies, control boards, eyepieces, cables and knobs are some commonly used Meade replacement parts. Meade Instruments also offers Global Positioning System modules, an automatic guide system, lens dust covers, sensor arrays and controllers for the company's telescopes.

Meade Instrument's telescopes have moving parts including replaceable gearbox assemblies, motor assemblies and motor driver boards. Eyepieces provide precision polished surfaces that are susceptible to damage. Eyepieces are available for replacement and to extend the color correction capabilities and field of view over existing lenses. Aluminum dust covers provide protection over the optical tubes.

The company's automated star location guide, StarLock, is typically referred to as GoTo technology. This system requires sensor control boards, sensor arrays, handheld controllers and the software itself, all of which are replaceable. Another component of star location is global positioning, for which Meade Instruments offers periodic update modules. The company has a selection of slow motion and locking knobs to facilitate star sweeps.

Stability is critical for telescopes, as higher light gathering techniques also magnify vibrations. Mounts, tripods and mounting brackets are available components to mitigate distortions. Aligning the viewfinder with the main telescope, called collimation, requires tightening or loosening screws on the viewfinder until its crosshairs center on the item already targeted in the main eyepiece. Replacement screws come in packs of 10.

Cables, power cords and chargers are necessary items that become misplaced and are available for purchase.