What are some common surgical procedures on the knee?


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Some common surgical procedures of the knee include arthroscopy, osteotomy and knee replacement, notes Zimmer. Knee replacement surgery is generally classified into two types: partial and total.

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Arthroscopy is a minimally invasive form of surgery that involves inserting a camera through tiny incisions made around the knee. This technique enables surgeons to assess the knee damage and provide appropriate treatment, which includes debridement or lavage. Debridement is performed by eliminating loose fragments within the knee while a lavage involves flushing out the inside of the knee.

Partial knee replacement is usually recommended for patients with localized osteoarthritis. Only the area where degeneration occurs is resurfaced and the healthy part of the joint is preserved. Full knee replacement, meanwhile, is usually a treatment option for people with a severe form of knee damage. Other types of medical procedures that involve surgery on the knee include anterior cruciate ligament surgery, states WebMD.

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