What Are Some of the Common Polyatomic Ions?


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Many common polyatomic ions have an charge of -1, including acetate, bicarbonate, bisulfate, chlorate and chlorite. Other common polyatomic ions have a charge of -2, including carbonate, chromate, dichromate, hydrogen phosphate and peroxide.

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Other polyatomic ions with a charge of -1 include cyanate, cyanide, dihydrogen phosphate, hydroxide and nitrate. Nitrite, perchlorate, permanganate and thiocyanate are also common polyatomic ions with a -1 charge. Polyatomic ions that have a charge of -2 also include sulfate, sulfite and thiosulfate. The most common polyatomic ion with a charge of +1 is ammonium. The most common polyatomic ions with a charge of -3 are borate and phosphate.

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