What Are Some Common Physics Questions and the Answers?

Some basic physics questions can be "what are electrical conductors," "describe refraction," "give the numerical value for the speed of light," "give the definition of momentum" and "specify the units used for work." The answer to some of these questions are that "the speed of light is given as 186,000 miles per second," "conductors are materials through which an electric current can flow through" and "momentum is the product of an object's mass and velocity." However, physics is a wide field with many different topics, and there can be many questions on matter, light, energy and different types of forces.

Some other common questions in physics can pertain to light. For example, a question on refraction may be to specify another name for the refraction law. The answer is Snell's law, which shows the relationship between the angle of incidence and refraction angle when light passes a boundary between two different media. On a physics quiz, questions on light can be to define refraction and reflection. The answer is that refraction is the bending of light waves as it passes an interface between two media, and reflection is the bouncing of light off an object, such as a mirror.

Another question on momentum is to ask whether the product of the mass and velocity is either a scalar or vector quantity. The answer is that this is a vector quantity. A question on work can be to give its unit, which is the Joule. One Joule is also equal to one Newton-m.