What Are Common Names for Texas Wildflowers?


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The bluebonnet is a wildflower and also the state flower of Texas. Other names for common wildflowers found in Texas are the Indian paintbrush, Mexican hat and the Texas dandelion.

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What Are Common Names for Texas Wildflowers?
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There are many types of bluebonnets in Texas. The Big Bend bluebonnet grows up to three feet high and is native to west Texas. The shorter, more common varieties, grow in the eastern side of the state. This shorter bluebonnet grows 15 to 24 inches and the blooms are plentiful from early March through May. The Mexican hat resembles a Mexican sombrero. The colors of the petals range from yellow-orange to a deeper red-orange. A thin finger-like stem shoots up from the petals. This stem is gray-green, and it turns brown as the flower gets older. Mexican hats can grow 1 to 3 feet high and are found throughout the state of Texas. The Indian paintbrush varies in colors such as red, orange, cream, yellow and scarlet. These flowers typically grow alongside other flowers because they are parasitic. This means they rely on the other plants' roots to grow. Dandelions typically grow in the eastern side of the state. Texas dandelions are normally much bigger than normal dandelions and have a unique dark purple or black center with lemon-colored leaves. They are typically found along roadsides, in pastures and in lawns.

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