What Are Some Common Homework Questions About the Periodic Table?


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Some common homework questions about the periodic table at all education levels involve the properties of the table as a whole. Other questions concern properties, symbols and names of individual elements and groups of elements. Another common homework assignment is a blank periodic table that students are expected to fill out with the symbols and numbers in the correct places.

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In general, vertical columns, or families, on the periodic table are groups of elements with similar properties that react with other elements in similar ways. This is true to a lesser extent for horizontal rows, or periods.

Examples of questions about the periodic table include "Which of the following properties is not listed on the periodic table: atomic number, atomic weight, atomic orbital radius or element name and symbol?" The answer to this question is "atomic orbital radius." Each element on the table lists atomic number and weight, name and symbol. Another question is "Who developed the periodic table?" Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev gets the credit for the design of the modern periodic table.

Teachers may also ask students "Which of the following choices are families of elements shown as columns or groups on the periodic table: halogens, noble gases or alkali metals?" All three of these choices are families of elements shown as columns on the table. A final question is "In which part of the periodic table can metals be found?" Metals are located on the left side of the periodic table.

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