What Are Some Common Chemicals and Compounds Found in Urine?


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Urine consists of water, urea, salts and pigments. Water generally makes up around 95 percent of urine, with compounds such as urea, sodium, chloride and other ions dissolved in the water making up the rest, according to Boundless.

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Urine is secreted by the kidneys when filtering the blood of waste products and excess compounds, states ChemWiki. Urea is produced as a byproduct from the breaking down of amino acids in the liver. The urea, along with excess water, salts and other chemicals, is then filtered out of the blood by the kidneys and stored as urine in the bladder.

Other chemicals and pigments can also be found in urine. For example, certain foods such as beetroot and asparagus can change the color and smell of urine, notes Harvard Health Publications.

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