What Are Some Common Biology Terms in Alphabetical Order?

What Are Some Common Biology Terms in Alphabetical Order?

Common biology terms, in alphabetical order, include absorption, aerobic, bacteria, ion and molecule. Common terms vary based on the type of biology at hand, such as human biology, microbiology, immunology and virology.

Absorption is a biological process that causes one substance to permeate another. In absorption, a fluid permeates through solids or into liquids. One method of solid permeation is skin absorption. Skin absorption is how substances can enter the body through the skin.

Aerobic is a label for organisms that need oxygen or free air to grow, multiply or survive. Anaerobic organisms do not require air or oxygen, and some may even be destroyed by it. Anaerobic organisms typically thrive in underwater environments and incubation settings.

One of the most common biology terms in any branch is bacteria. Bacteria are single-celled, microscopic organisms that have no nucleus. Bacterial domains are one of the three domains of life, and the other two are archaea and eukarya

An ion is an atom or molecule that has lost or gained one or more electrons, resulting in a net electric charge, while the molecule itself is an electrically neutral group of atoms that are adhered by chemical bonds. The main difference between ions and molecules is the molecule's absence of electrical charge.