What Colors Produce Brown?


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The simplest way to produce a brown color is to mix a primary color with its secondary color, such as adding blue to orange, purple to yellow, or green to red.

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Another way to make the color brown is by mixing the colors red, black and yellow. Each combination of colors provides a different shade or hue of brown. For example, using more yellow than purple results in a lighter shade of brown, and by using more purple, the shade of brown becomes darker. Mixing all of the colors on the color wheel often results in a very dark shade of brown, but with a gray tint. Depending on the shade that is desired, colors should be mixed in certain quantities. If a dark shade of brown is desired, mix more of the darkest colors into the piece. If a light shade of brown is desired, mix more of the lightest colors. Results also depend on the medium being used. Brown is much easier to obtain by mixing paints than by using colored pencils or pens. It is also an option to just buy brown paint or many other types of brown media if unsure of how to correctly mix the media.

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