What Colors Match Lime Green?

Some colors that meld well with lime green are white, chocolate, pink, blue, yellow, red and orange. When choosing complementary colors for lime green, use a color wheel to select colors that are next to it or directly across from it.

Lime green is a refreshing color, whether one chooses to wear it or use it to paint a room. Paired with the right color, it can make a striking statement. For example, use lime green to paint an accent wall in the master bath. Create a spa-like atmosphere with pure white accents such as towels, toothbrush holders and vanity chair. Add a splash of contrasting color with artwork using a teal and chocolate palette. Perhaps consider a shower curtain in a subdued pattern that showcases all of the colors in the room.

A person’s coloring determines whether or not lime green is the best choice for clothing. Most people can wear lime green accents with no problem, but only those with the right coloring such as those with blonde, ash blonde or gray hair should try to wear bigger pieces. A lime green accent such as a scarf, purse or belt looks nice with a butter yellow sundress. A lime green shirt, on the other hand, can be accented with a red brooch, orange scarf or pink purse.