What Are Some Colors That Go With Green?

What Are Some Colors That Go With Green?

Some colors that go with green include its analogous colors blue and yellow. The color green goes with blue and yellow because they are located beside green on the color wheel. Bright red is another color that goes with green because it is green's complement on the color wheel. Green also goes well with different shades of red, including bright crimson red, red-orange and dark, rustic red.

Green may also be divided into various shades of itself for more complex color schemes, such as blue-green or yellow-green.

Lighter or darker greens are also analogous to the standard color wheel green when used in this way. For example, an analogous bedroom color scheme that includes green uses jewel green mixed with paler greens. There are also different shades of blue, such as sky blue, cerulean and sapphire.

Yellow and green are often used to produce bright, lively color schemes. For example, the spring color scheme from Better Homes and Gardens uses lichen green and golden-yellow in combination with light blues.

Green is also commonly used a part of a tetradic color scheme. Tetradic colors form a rectangle on the color wheel that consists of two complementary pairs. For these designs, green goes with blue, red and orange.