Which Colors Are Eye-Catching?

The color red is the most eye catching. Being exposed to the color red causes dramatic reactions in people's moods and emotions, intensifying feelings of love, excitement, anger or anxiousness.

The color red is perceived as a strong color. People who wear the color red respond quicker and with more force when threatened. Red enhances perceived physical strength but detracts from mental abilities. Being exposed to the color red before a test lowers test scores. The effect of color on an individual's physiology is temporary, lasting only a few minutes.

Red, yellow and orange are considered warm colors. All warm colors catch people's eyes and elicit strong responses. The color orange can cause extreme reactions in some individuals, leading to feeling of rage, irritability and annoyance. Others feel excitement and enthusiasm when exposed to orange.

Yellow is considered to be a happy, joyful color. However, people in yellow rooms lose their tempers quicker than usual. Babies cry more in yellow rooms. Yellow also reflects the most light, causing eyestrain with extended exposure. Because red, orange and yellow draw people's attention, these colors are used as warnings in traffic signs and signals. Red tells drivers to stop, yellow means caution, and orange is used in construction signs.