What Colors Can I Wear With Brown?

A warming color that is very forgiving, brown can visually anchor nearly any color scheme, and in particular, blues, yellows, reds, greens and grays are ideal colors to wear with it. Additionally, there is a time-tested principal in fashion about pairing brown accessories with dark blue or other shades of blue. This works in reverse as well, allowing one to wear blue accessories with brown, tan, taupe or beige clothing.

Brown complements lighter or darker shades within the brown family. Other earthy or autumnal colors, such as hunter green and midnight blue, show up attractively next to brown. Darker yellows, such as mustard and maize, also highlight brown's smokiness, as do cerulean and even eggshell blue.

Brown is a tertiary color, the result of a mixture of a primary and a secondary color. Primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Secondary colors are orange, green and purple. Artists, decorators and fashion designers use this color theory to determine which shades clash, harmonize or dramatize. This also means brown matches with any color that is part of its own recipe. So, as brown contains red and blue in some combination with yellow, colors, such as eggplant, violet and even cranberry, match with brown equally well.