What Colors Go With Brown?


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Some colors that go well with brown include white, blue, pastels, yellow and purple. Combinations of blue and green also work well together when mixed with brown. Various shades of brown complement each other as well.

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White enhances the color brown by lightening the overall color of the room. Blue enhances brown because the cool tones of the color blend well with warm brown tones. Pastel colors, such as pink and blue, add sophistication to rooms.

Yellow is another color that adds warmth to rooms, especially when combined with brown shades, such as tans, taupes and medium-tone browns. The deep tones in purple add depth and a touch of sophistication to rooms. Purples that are less saturated and those that have gray undertones complement brown cabinets and furniture as well.

Combining green and blue accents with brown rejuvenates the look of rooms. This works well with patterned fabrics in the chosen colors on accent chairs, window panels and accent pillows. Brown paint or wallpaper works well when mixed with brown furniture. For example, mahogany furniture is attractive when it is paired with mocha wall coloring. Warm autumn inspired colors also work well with brown when they are repeated throughout rooms. The colors add energy and vitality to spaces to make them more inviting.

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