The Color Pewter Is in What Color Family?


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Pewter is in the "cool neutral" color family, which includes many shades of gray, from light to very dark. Pewter has a medium gray cast.

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In modern decorating designs, cool neutrals are often paired with white. However, they are very flexible and contrast well with many colors.

The other color families are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, white and warm neutral. Reds are warm colors used to show energy. Oranges are considered fun and modern, and yellows add brightness. Greens vary from cool to lively, depending on the amount of blue or yellow used. Blues run the gamut from conservative to refreshing. The impact of violet changes depending on its levels of blue, red or gray. Whites might be bright or soft, and warm neutrals are natural colors, including beiges, tans and browns.

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