What Color Is a Persimmon?

The skin of a Japanese persimmon changes from yellow to orange to orange-red to reddish-brown as it ripens. An unripe persimmon tastes bitter due to the high tannin content of the skin, however this is what makes it a good dye. The dye not only is used for coloring purposes but as an insect-repellent.

The color persimmon was inspired by the fruit with the same name. The red, green, blue color code for persimmon is 236,88,0. To make this color on a website, the hex code of #EC5800 is used. It is considered to be one of the shades of orange.

On the color wheel, it is a secondary color formed by mixing red and yellow. As a shade of orange, its complementary color is a shade of blue. Using these two colors together turn an area or object into a focal point. However, having too much of these colors in an area creates too much contrast. Persimmon is part of the orange, blue, green triad scheme. To decorate using persimmon as the main color, find accent pieces in greens and blues. It is an earthy color that is found in nature. Persimmon is a warm, fall color, symbolizing health, cheer and energy.