What Color Is Chlorine Gas?

Chlorine gas is greenish yellow in appearance. The word “chlorine” comes from the Greek word “chloros,” meaning greenish yellow. This element is a halogen belonging to group 17 on the periodic table. Its chemical symbol is Cl, and it has an atomic weight of 35.453 grams per mole.

In nature, chlorine does not exist in free form because it readily combines with many other elements to form compounds. Carl Wilhelm Scheele discovered chlorine in 1774. Chlorine is used industrially in disinfectants, textile production, solvents and plastics. Chlorine is useful in the manufacture of compounds like chloroform and potassium chloride. Chlorine gas is a very dangerous substance that is an irritant to the respiratory system. Exposure to high concentrations of this gas can cause serious long-term health effects.