How Do You View a Color Chart With the Different Shades of Purple?

As of 2015, you can go to the website and click on the Color Names link to see a chart with different shades of purple as well as charts for other colors. The purple color name chart displays a sample of the shade, its name and the hexadecimal code used to display the color in the HTML programming language.

Some shades of purple are electric purple, royal purple and Han purple. Others include the colors lavender, plum, orchid, fuchsia and magenta. Violet, while typically considered a shade of purple, is actually one of the true colors in the visible spectrum of light, whereas purple is a mix of two other true colors: blue and red.

In antiquity, the color purple was symbolic of royalty. Tyrian purple, the shade from which this symbol originates, was created with a dye from a mollusk harvested on the shores of Tyre in ancient Phoenicia. Only the very wealthy could afford the dye, so Tyrian purple became known as imperial purple. Roman emperors wore robes of imperial purple, as did Alexander the Great and the kings of the last dynasty of ancient Egypt. The emperors of the Eastern Roman Empire continued wearing Tyrian purple until the empire fell in 1453.