What Color Is Alabaster?

Richard Parker/CC-BY-2.0

Alabaster is a white color. It is a stone that is often used to make vases and sculptures and carvings can be created from the stone.

Alabaster is a stone that comes from quarries. It is translucent, but it has a white tint to it. Alabaster was used in ancient Egypt for stone carvings and is especially popular in traditional Egyptian vases. It is a stone that must be quarried and it needs to be carved and chiseled out in order to be made into certain shapes. Alabaster is a fine grained sedimentary rock that comes from gypsum.

Alabaster is prized for the unique colors that it gives off when light is shone through it. It is common in decor options and can be found in wall hangings as well as decorative bowls. It is not uncommon to find alabaster in higher-end situations and it is not used for practical applications. One of the major selling points to the uniqueness of alabaster is its translucent abilities. Some types of alabaster are able to be seen through more than others and even alabaster that has a very white shade will still be somewhat translucent. Light is able to pass through alabaster that is as thick as 2 inches.