What Are Some Collective Group Names for Animals?

Some collective group names for animals are pride, herd, troop, litter and colony. Most animals live in groups and work in conjunction to help promote the overall welfare and survival of their species. They move, feed and migrate through special communication abilities.

A pride of lions is usually comprised of five or more male or female lions. The females in the pride do most of the hunting for the group and have developed and perfected hunting tactics to ensure they catch prey to feed their cubs. The term herd is usually used to describe hoofed animals like antelope, buffaloes, cattle, elk and horses. These animals live, feed and move collectively. The herd mentality is also used to describe how human beings adopt certain behaviors and follow popular trends.

Troop is a term used to describe apes, baboons, gorillas, kangaroos and monkeys. The term troop is also used to collectivize a group of soldiers under the command of a superior officer. Litter is used to describe the offspring of mammals like bear cubs, kittens, puppies,and piglets. Colony is used to describe ants, bats, beavers, rats and termites. The term colony is mostly used to describe insects; these animals often use collective efforts in killing bigger prey and lifting heavy objects.