Is Cloth a Good Insulator?

cloth-good-insulator Credit: Travel Ink/Gallo Images/Getty Images

Cloth can be a great choice for green and chemical-free insulation in the home. Using cloth as an insulator keeps fabric scraps out of the landfill and minimizes exposure to harmful chemicals common in modern insulation.

Conventional fiberglass insulation has been shown to contain formaldehyde, a chemical commonly associated with increased cancer risk. Cotton insulation will not cause skin irritation or respiratory problems for those coming in contact with the material. Like fiberglass insulation, cotton insulation may be rolled into batts for easy installation.

When insulating a pre-existing structure against drafts from old windows and doors, cloth is a cheap and effective insulator. An old blanket can easily be turned into a curtain or tacked over a drafty window to minimize airflow from outside. Thicker fabrics will be more effective, while thinner fabrics will allow more natural light into the home.