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Cloning is accomplished by removing the DNA from the cell of an adult animal and implanting it in an egg cell of a similar animal. This allows for a mirror duplicate of the original animal to be created and gestated inside another creature.

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The first successful cloning attempt took place in 1979, when researchers split a mouse embryo and implanted the two halves into different adult female mice. In 1996, the first successful cloning of an adult animal was achieved after 276 failed attempts. The result was the live birth of a sheep, cloned from the cells of an adult sheep. In 1998, Japanese researchers successfully cloned 8 cows, four of which did not survive. Later attempts involved the cloning of cats, dogs, horses, oxen and rats, to name just a few.

Cloning has also been looked at as a means of restoring endangered species and resurrecting extinct species, including the ancient wild bovine species known as the auroch and the wooly mammoth. However, the problem with these latter examples stems from a lack of viable genetic material from which healthy DNA can be harvested. As of 2014, no successful attempts at cloning a human being have been recorded by the scientific community.

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