What Is the Climate in Guatemala?

According to The World Factbook on the Central Intelligence Agency website, Guatemala’s climate is hot, humid and tropical. However, some areas experience different temperatures and levels of humidity depending on the elevation. The lowlands region, for example, is mostly humid, while the highland region generally experiences the coolest temperatures in the country.

According to World Travel Guide, Guatemala’s temperature is fairly mild. The average temperature in Guatemala is approximately 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Though the temperature does change from time to time during each of Guatemala’s two seasons, more variation is present between regions than between seasons. During the dry season, from November to April, the temperature in the mountainous central region averages around 64 F. The coastal and northeast regions are hot throughout most of the year, with temperatures ranging from 68 F to as high as 99 F. The Pacific Coast area experiences more unpredictable weather than the other regions, and it often rains year round.

The tourist season, which generally lasts from December through May, tends to coincide with the dry season. Not only is the weather warmer, but several of the Guatemalan festivals, including the Day of the Dead, Semana Santa and the Burning of the Devil, occur during this time of the year.